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Tonttu Fairy Tales: Making Toys

Tonttu Fairy Tales: Making Toys

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Fanpekka, a small island at the far north end of the sea. A fairy named “Tonttu” lives here and helps Santa Claus.


One day, Tonttu received a letter from Santa Claus.


“I’m having a hard time! I have to prepare more gifts than last year, please come and help me right away! ”


The crowd rushed to Santa’s place to make gifts.


The tonttu finally came to saint’s place.

The tonttu looked busy making gifts.


However, no Santa was seen there.


The crowd opened the door to Santa’s room.

Then … the room was full of letters!

On closer inspection, it was a letter of wish for a gift.


The tonttu read the letter and then they discussed.

There are many, yes… ranging from objects that are easy to make to objects that are difficult to make.

Can we make this much ..

Are there enough ingredients?

But we want to make the kids happy.

If we all work together it must be fine!

True! Alright, let’s do our best together!


To grant the children’s request, the making of toys began. Tonttu tries to find materials that are not enough and materials that are not sold in one place.


Because they need a lot of wood to make toys, the kids go to the forest to cut trees. Then they also climbed mountains and collected stones to make sturdy toy materials. In addition, they went out to sea in search of beautiful shells that could be used for cute glittering decoration materials.


With all the ingredients at hand, toy making has finally begun. The tonttu worked hard together.


Then, there was a small tonttu that seemed to be having a hard time. Looks like he looks tired. When passing the small tonttu, the big tonttu exclaimed.


Tonttu even small said. “I’m very good at detailed work, but I’m not good at working hard” “I’m good at working hard but I’m not good at detail work”.


“There he is!” “We have to work together!” they realized it.


Then the tonttu helped each other and were very busy making toys.

However, because the tonttu likes to play, there are some of them who even play while making toys.


Others who were nearby also came to call Tonttu who was playing softly. “If you play, you definitely won’t finish on time.”

“Oh no! Because playing was really fun so I ended up playing. ”

“Let’s do our best for the children!” Tonttu returned to making toys again.


If you don’t finish quickly you won’t be on time. The tonttu continued to make toys while holding back the urge to play immediately. And dawn was rising….


Finally the gifts for all the children were made.

“Thanks to the cooperation, we can finish on time. Thank you.”

Santa Claus is also very happy.


A joyful Christmas is drawing near.

The prize was put on the sled and set off immediately.

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