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Let’s meet kidzooona mascot!

Let’s meet kidzooona mascot!

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Everybody who have been to Kidzooona’s indoor playground must know the following characters, right? That’s right, they are Lala-chan and company.

Let’s look at the profiles of our friends one by one!


Lala-chan is a squirrel who can be recognized by the white flower on her chest. Lala-chan celebrates her birthday every March 21st.

If you visit kidzooona on that date, you can join in various exciting events to celebrate Lala-chan’s birthday!

But apart from March 21st, Lala-chan is also always present at kidzooona to accompany the children to play games or dance with the kidzooona staff. The siblings can also take photos with Lala-chan at the meet and greet session.

One of them is Lala-chan dancing as you can see in the following video.


Aeo-kun is a cat who is smart and kind. The younger siblings could recognize it from the yellow and blue stripes on its body.

Just like Lala-chan, Aeo-kun also often visits kidzooona, younger siblings.

Not only can you meet at kidzooona, you can also bring home various merchandise from Lala-chan and Aeo-kun to accompany your children’s activities. There are bags, socks, and stationery!


Panbit is a friend of Lala-chan and Aeo-kun who is very unique, because even though he is a rabbit, Panbit is more like a panda.

Panbit’s hobbies are eating and cooking, but he also likes to relax.


Compared to his three friends, this Pitant is among the quietest, brothers.

He is also very clever and talented in repairing machines.


How about you, it must be fun to be friends with Lala-chan, Aeo-kun, Panbit, and Pitant? Come on, come directly to the nearest kidzooona branch! You can see the list on the Store Location & Price List.

See you later!

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