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Tonttu fairy tale: Let’s convey the prize!

Tonttu fairy tale: Let’s convey the prize!

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Fanpekka, a small island at the far north end of the sea. A fairy named “Tonttu” lives here and helps Santa Claus.


Today is the eagerly awaited Christmas day. The city is surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere.

Watchttu and others are very busy enjoying the Christmas atmosphere.

Because they have a duty to deliver gifts for children.

“Come on, we have to hurry. If it’s slow like this it won’t be on time. Let’s get on the sled and go! ”


Be above the city and over the clouds in one go.

Over the mountain.

Over the valley.

Past the meadow.

Through the forest.


“Oh, look. The tonttu and others are building houses ”.


“Hm .. wait a moment! Is this true?”

When they were lost, they thought while looking at the map.


This is bad! Already at this hour!

“Hey, is this really the way …”

“Anyway, we have to go quickly! Come on, hurry up! ”

The very long delivery of gifts was coming to an end. Dawn has already risen.


At the time,

“… You know, there is one more prize, is this the prize left?”

There was one time that noticed that there was a present left in the corner of the sled.

This is bad! The audience may go wrong when delivering gifts to children.


The tonttu gathered and discussed.

“Well, it doesn’t matter right? We’ve already delivered the prize .. ”

No, we have to convey what they want .. ”

“Hmm … what should we do …”

“However, let’s convey the prize well.” The tonttu immediately rushed to the house of the child who owned the gift.


Knock knock knock.

“Who are you?”

“We are tonttu, little fairies helping Santa Claus. We came here with gifts. ” The boy is shocked.


“We made a mistake when we delivered the prize. Forgive me…”

The tonttu said honestly and apologized.


Then, the boy looked very happy.

“Wow, this is what I wanted! Thank you! Oh yeah, I’ll give you something! ”


It turned out that the boy offered cookies to the tonttu.

“Thank you for the gift!” This time it was the watchers’ turn to look very happy.

“Thank God we were able to convey the gift well.”


The tonttu were very satisfied to be able to make the boy happy, and they went home eating cookies.

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