Located in AEON Mall Jakarta Garden City, Fanpekka is an indoor playground that is inspired by the winter wonderland of Finland. Every corner at Fanpekka is inspired by an object or the culture of Finland, such as the ball pool which is similar to Finland’s ocean and the big castle which resembles Olavinlinna Castle.

Not only fun, playing at Fanpekka can also build children’s creativity, problem solving ability, and imagination. Our staff as well as the magical fairies called “Tonttu” are there to help children develop themselves while playing.

One of the most interesting corners at Fanpekka is Leikkimökki, where children and their parents can cooperate in building and decorating mini houses on a large area. This activity is also taken from Finland’s tradition. Fanpekka also has its own DIY Corner, where children can create their own paintings and sand arts. The DIY Kit can also be taken home or bought via e-commerce.

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