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Company Introduction

PT AEON Fantasy Indonesia is a Japan-based company which has been operating in Indonesia since 2014. As a family entertainment company, we are committed to spreading smiles to children and families in Indonesia.

We bring the kind of entertainment that is not only fun but also full of educational values in order to brighten the future of Indonesian children and families, for example through our playgrounds kidzooona and Fanpekka. Both are suitable for children from 0 to 12 years old.

We also try to exceed customers’ expectation through our excellent services, which is in line with our vision to become the No. 1 family entertainment company in Indonesia.
PT AEON Fantasy Indonesiaは、2014年からインドネシアで事業を展開している日系企業です。ファミリーエンターテインメント企業として、インドネシアの子供たちやそのご家族に笑顔を広めることに取り組んでいます。




Based on the company motto, “We Contribute to Society by Proposing New Dreams, Enjoyment and Sharing through Joyful Play”, AEON Fantasy has been providing children and their families with fun places and services through the operation of amusement facilities and Indoor Playground. Our desire to “deliver smiles and happy memories to our customers” goes beyond the sea, and 22 years after the establishment, we now operate in 8 countries including Japan, China and ASEAN, and have expanded to 873 stores worldwide.

Even when the country and the time period change, the values we provide - “dream”, “enjoyment”, and “sharing”, remain unchanged. In order to continue delivering these values to the families across the world, AEON Fantasy will take on a new challenge in the field of “Edutainment”. Edutainment is a coined word which combines Education (learn) and Entertainment (play), meaning “Learn while playing”. We will step into this new field and continue our challenge to be Only One Edutainment Company Provides joyful “Playing and Learning” to the World so that a Lot of Smiles are Brought to the Faces of Children and Their Families.

イオンファンタジーは、「楽しい遊びで新しい夢、楽しさ、共有を提案し、社会に貢献する」をモットーに、アミューズメント施設や屋内遊び場の運営を通じて、子供たちとその家族に楽しい場所やサービスを提供してきました。 「お客様に笑顔と幸せな思い出をお届けしたい」という想いは海を超え、創業22年を経て、現在、日本、中国、ASEANの8カ国で事業を展開し、世界873店舗に展開しています。

国や時代が変わっても、「夢」「楽しさ」「分かち合い」という価値観は変わりません。 これらの価値を世界中の家族に提供し続けるために、イオンファンタジーは「エデュテインメント」の分野で新たな挑戦を行います。 エデュテインメントは、教育(学ぶ)と娯楽(遊ぶ)を組み合わせた造語で、「遊びながら学ぶ」という意味です。 私たちはこの新しい分野に足を踏み入れ、唯一のエデュテインメント企業であるという挑戦を続けます。子供たちとその家族の顔にたくさんの笑顔がもたらされるように、世界に楽しい「遊びと学び」を提供します。


Growing up children`s enthusiasm
to create a world full of joy

What does it mean to take children seriously?
That is, we recognize that they are the adults of the future.
And the way we treat them today will determine the future of all of us.

We, AEON Fantasy have a mission to bring
happiness for children with all my heart,
which cannot be achieved only by efficiency and optimization.

Our determination will foster children`s enthusiasm
to create a world of joy.

Something that will continue to be our goal at AEON Fantasy.

May 2019

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